About ZhenPhen Solar

At  ZhenPhen Private Limited we want to be a ”New Kind of Company”  in Bhutan.

We believe that good spiritual qualities are important in any business. In the modern world there are many businesses that sacrifice values and practice exploitation for profitability. We don’t agree with this path and we want to practice true Buddhist values that help us serve all people better, every day.

If we don’t have a project solution that can meet your needs, we will tell you and direct you in the right direction to the best of our ability. Business should never be only about closing the sale. There must be understanding and honest consideration to have a lasting successful relationship with any person or client. Trust is key to business.

This philosophy means doing the best job we can for the customer and helping in other ways as well. Many of our clients look to us for additional advice on their building projects because of our design and construction experience. We are happy to provide some assistance in these areas as well and we always want to sincerely help our clients in any way we can,  even if they decide not to install any solar heating system or to purchase from us.

We believe business should focus on other aspects besides just money and profitability. This means understanding the customers needs and working to find a product solution that will serve them the best and to be clear and honest if we cannot provide this.

We believe that business should serve the people and we believe that we should all practice compassion, wisdom and strength in our personal and business lives. This makes our world a more peaceful and pleasant planet for everyone. It also makes any business less stressful and more enjoyable and more beneficial to all.



There is no greater satisfaction for a business than to provide customers with free energy from the sun. We believe every home should be taking advantage of free solar heat even if only to provide free home hot water.

ZhenPhen Solar has many years of experience in the solar hot water industry and we are passionate and enthusiastic about the future of solar heating in Bhutan.

ZhenPhen Solar of Bhutan is committed to providing all our contacts with the best value possible. Our goal is to have 100% satisfied clients that can count on their solar hot water heating systems to perform as expected. We offer long-term local after market servicing and support for all the products we sell.

We are partnered up with one of the leading solar manufacturing companies in India. Their technology and manufacturing processes are equal to European standards and they have been providing solar solutions for many years. We are now able to provide any solution for Hot Water Heating, In-floor Radiant Solar hot water/Heat Pump combination systems and PV electrical power from Electrical Solar Panels as well, we always attempt to use free solar energy energy from the sun whenever available.

We look forward to answering any questions you may have and we want to help you find a solution to your project needs.


Steve Hiscock  …    ZhenPhen Private Limited  Bhutan     +975  17128448