ZhenPhen Private Limited

Our Solutions

            ZhenPhen Pvt. Ltd.    …   Solar Solutions 

  • Ready made / easy install  Solar Hot Water Kits from 300-1500 litres- Can be ground or roof mounted.
  • Custom Solar Hot Water Central Heating solutions and total building hot water solutions.
  • Fully electric heat pump systems for hot water and Air Conditioning Systems.
  • Solar electric power panels and solar PV systems for buildings, homes and any size solar installation.
  • Solar PV powered street lighting systems.

      ZhenPhen Pvt. Ltd. Sawmill and Wood Solutions

  • Norwood Fully Hydraulic Advanced Sawmill Technology   …  Bhutan’s best priced sawmill option.
  • Full Installation and long term ongoing servicing  with service contract options available.
  • Fast servicing with repair parts in stock to keep your operation running.
  • Best priced, best quality table saws and sliding compound mitre saws in Bhutan. TRY ONE OUT TODAY!
  • Many high quality wood working power tools available from USA and CANADA.
  •  Highest quality portable LI battery operated drills, impact drivers, sawz-alls, power saws, and much more.

       ZhenPhen Pvt. Ltd.  …. Produce Drying Solutions

  • The ZhenPhen Universal Dryer can be customized for any application
  • Dry Cardimom, fish, garlic, chillies….  virtually anything
  • Temperature, time and airflow is fully adjustable by the operator
  • Designed for fast loading and unloading on trays with wheels
  • Lighting inside provides heat and light for easy working
  • Dries produce fast with steady air movement and even heat distribution

    ZhenPhen Pvt. Ltd.    DTG & 3D Printing Solutions

  • State of the art equipment for printing full colour directly onto clothing and other cloth materials.
  • State of the art equipment for printing plastic into any 3 dimensional shape.
  • 3D Prototyping services and product design consulting services.