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            ZhenPhen Pvt. Ltd.    …   Solar Solutions 

  • Ready made / easy install  Solar Hot Water Kits from 300-1500 litres- Can be ground or roof mounted.
  • Custom Solar Hot Water Central Heating solutions and total building hot water solutions.
  • Fully electric heat pump systems for hot water and Air Conditioning Systems.
  • Solar electric power panels and solar PV systems for buildings, homes and any size solar installation.
  • Solar PV powered street lighting systems.

      ZhenPhen Pvt. Ltd. Sawmill and Wood Solutions

  • Norwood Fully Hydraulic Advanced Sawmill Technology   …  Bhutan’s best priced sawmill option.
  • Full Installation and long term ongoing servicing  with service contract options available.
  • Fast servicing with repair parts in stock to keep your operation running.
  • Best priced, best quality table saws and sliding compound mitre saws in Bhutan. TRY ONE OUT TODAY!
  • Many high quality wood working power tools available from USA and CANADA.
  •  Highest quality portable LI battery operated drills, impact drivers, sawz-alls, power saws, and much more.

       ZhenPhen Pvt. Ltd.  …. Produce Drying Solutions

  • The ZhenPhen Universal Dryer can be customized for any application
  • Dry Cardimom, fish, garlic, chillies….  virtually anything
  • Temperature, time and airflow is fully adjustable by the operator
  • Designed for fast loading and unloading on trays with wheels
  • Lighting inside provides heat and light for easy working
  • Dries produce fast with steady air movement and even heat distribution

    ZhenPhen Pvt. Ltd.    DTG & 3D Printing Solutions

  • State of the art equipment for printing full colour directly onto clothing and other cloth materials.
  • State of the art equipment for printing plastic into any 3 dimensional shape.
  • 3D Prototyping services and product design consulting services.

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  1. Solar water heating systems in the construction of building at the cold places are really in need of the people. Certainly, it would be sustainable technology to curve with climate change.

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